Friday, October 17, 2008

Half-term fun, (without spending a fortune)

If you see some woods - walks in them, especially in the gorgeous autumn light, with scrunchy leaves underfoot (or handfuls of leaves to throw).

If you sees some good stories... read them!

If you see a flat stone, can you skim it?

Find a nice tree.... can you climb it?

Or a river... can you build a causeway to divert it? (Admittedly the boys attempt to divert the whole of the Tay round Moncrieffe island was always going to be a heroic failure).
A flow of traffic.... you could always count it!

Or find a view.... just look at it! (The Slivery Tay, from Kinnouill Hill)

Total expenditure, less that £5 as two of the three books were presents!

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