Monday, October 27, 2008

Ice Feathers

Winter has come to Perth, both officially and in practice. Officially, of course, the clocks went back yesterday and the cold months were ushered in with an extra hour in bed. In practical terms the early morning ice-scraping ritual in which cold hands assault frozen cars began again in earnest this morning. I love the ice-feather patterns which grow across the car roof.


sara! said...

Congratulations for the arrival of winter! :)

scottish terrier said...

Look Out! Look out! Jack Frost is about. Ice feathers? my mum told me they were the work of Jack Frost's fingers on my windows as she warmed my Chilprufe vests and socks by the electric one bar fire in my bedroom before I leapt from my cosy bed to get dressed for school (aged 5 I hasten to add, not at 15). I have to warm my own vest and socks now though, and central heating and double glazing has banished him from my wee flat here in the "frost capital of Britain" [Perth] - according to someone or other, forget who.