Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Curse of Stumpy Greenisland

When Dr Stumpy Greenisland e-mailed me earlier this week to merrily wish me a "pox on my house" I laughed at his genial good humour.
When however a pox did in fact subsequently strike the household, (Doris, chicken) I was a little taken aback by the veracity of the good Dr's words!


His Girl Friday said...

oh, that was a twist of fate! :/

with empathy, wishing Doris a speedy, and hopefully not too 'itchy' recovery!!

lynn said...

Oh, sorry to hear about the pox - was it an itchy one? A vomiting and diahorrea pox has been circulating around the under 18s of my christian community. My own "Boris and Noris" have succumbed as have some of my, errrr, kids work volunteers....think we may need a lesson on handwashing!

Orchid said...

sorry about the are the others?
Its "that" time of the year in our corner of the world as well...rsv,strep, flu....I shudder at the thought as well.

Lins Honeyman said...

Same thing happened to me prior to a gig in March when your good self suggested that "get laryngitis" was the singer's equivalent of the actor's good luck message "break a leg" on my blog.

And, guess what, I got laryngitis during that gig!

That Hideous Man said...


I remember hearing that you had chicken pox about 9 years ago and the wife and I calling round to see you, wearing "stick-on" red spots we had purchased especially for the occasion.

As I recall you wife found it amusing, but you were as sick as dog and ... er, .. didn't

That Hideous Man said...


Young Doris has got it pretty mild, and not too itchy, thanks HGF.

Lynn - now I understand the title of your blog so much better.

Orchid, what is "rsv"?

His Girl Friday said...

Hi good to hear that!

RSV...I'm assuming it's
Respiratory Syncytial Virus,

Lins Honeyman said...


Oh, how I laughed. (Three months later.) :-))

My wife claimed I had terminal chickenpox. Dunno what she meant by that.

Anonymous said...

No comment from Stumpy?

Orchid said...

rsv is a respiratory syncytial virus!!...leaves the kids pretty sick :(

Mark said...

Well that will teach you to be sure to take all my carefully measured words more seriously in future.
And a pox on all your readers too.