Friday, October 05, 2007


Not been blogging of much late, and not simply due to post-operative discomfort and sympathy- seeking either. In fact this week I have been reading more than writing, which I suppose could be the bloggers equivalent of the biblical maxim to be 'quick to listen and slow to speak'.
Here's a few thngs that have caught my eye recently:

Total Abandon
the story of a contemporary martyr over at Unashamed Workman.

Dominic Smart's address
at the 'Preach the Word' conference last week.

Reformed Theological Seminary
in the States has made a huge number of their course lectures available free on iTunes. I have gone through the four-part series on the theology of Karl Barth, which is a useful introduction to his thought from his reaction to 19thC liberalism, his conflict with the Nazis, and his development of Neo-orthodox existential dialectical theology.

Endlessly Restless over at his blog "Of Dreams and Visions" has been running a series of contemporary reflections on a biography of Luther.

While Adrian has had a few posts on the spirituality of John Owen


Endlessly restless said...

Thanks for the mention - you are indeed wise and gracious.

Thanks for the info RE RTS as well - much downloading will happen before I pack for my holiday!!

That Hideous Man said...

The link to "Total Abandon" has now been fixed.