Monday, October 22, 2007

The Temptations of Consumerism

1. To believe that the appearance of affluence is the central organising principle of life.

2. To believe that being compulsively busy even to the point of exhaustion is a sign of healthy and productive living.

3. To believe that having a successful career is more important than being a good parent,a good spouse, a good neighbour, a kind and loving person, or taking a walk in the woods.

4. To believe that good work is reducible to making money and unpaid work, particularly in the home; is not really working.

5. To believe that the appropriate goal in life is to enjoy prosperity in a stylish home with a perfectly manicured lawn.

6. To believe that depression can / should be cured by shopping.

7. To believe that the most important thing in life is to have your needs met.

8. To believe that we are all on our own, because there is no grace, no ultimate mercy within the depths of things and our task is to look out for number one.

Our church is doing a series on idolatry at the moment. In biblical times the temptation to 'build gods of wood and stone' etc was literal - while the contemporary idols which get worshipped are more subtle. This week's idol to be unmasked was 'consumerism'. Thanks to our minister Charles, for bringing some of Jay B. McDaniel's analysis to our attention.

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His Girl Friday said...

good list...I read it outloud to my hubby, as we often have discussions on this topic and what we see going on around us.

Some of our friends/family just shake their heads at some of what has been our in opposing the consumerism...hmm, I may have to write a post on that :)