Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Boris Motson?

We all sat together and watched Scotland's heroic failure to qualify for the European football finals. Such was the importance of the match that my football-mad son, Boris (8) was allowed to buy a months subscrption to SKY sports in order to see it.

Apparently the consensus is that young Boris has a future as a football pundit! Lins was there that afternoon, and his entertaining description of what it's like to watch the footie with 'that hideous family' can be found here.

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Victor Meldrew said...

I was one of the lucky few, along with Junior Victor, to be there as it happened. And i found out something about junior, no longer is he that nice wee boy i used to take to the footy, but now a frenzied youth who i'm sure would have killed the ref/assistant had he been able to get to him.