Saturday, November 10, 2007


"Pus-finger... he's the man with the septic touch!"
Poor Norris, his thumb has ballooned with an infection which is painful, pus-ridden and has kept him (and thus us) awake for much of the night. It burst in the bath shortly after this photo was taken, spilling a quite extraordinary amount of stinking pus into the water. The antibiotics he's had seem to be calming the rest of it down now. He'll be glad when its healed up, not just because of the physical discomfort, but because he'll be spared other members of the family doing their Shirley-Bassey Bond-theme re-hash while waving their fingers about!


sara! said...

Didn't you get the 'are you crazy' looking when you took this photo? :) Both my 'models' and friends quite often look at me that way, seeing me taking pics of five day old beard, pint of beer, pattern on their trousers, umbrellas, and all those trivial things..

Wish Norris a speedy recovery from that nasty thing!

That Hideous Man said...

Well little 'Norris' is only 5 and thinks that everything I do is odd. So the 'are you crazy?' look is one with which I am unduoly familiar!