Monday, November 19, 2007

Nothing but a sad groupie.. (Infamy at Last!)

Last year I went to the JLBJH gig in Edinburgh and blogged enthusiastically about what a wonderful evening it was. This week I have been enjoying the DVD of that tour which has just been released. Once Again, John Lees was joined in the band by founder member Woolly Wolstenholme, whose mastery of the Mellotron and love of gorgeously pretensious classical arrangements forged the original BJH sound. Sensibly JLBJH pack their set-list with songs from the bands epic era 68-79, when their English pastoral sound was to the fore and before the rot of the 1980s bland-pop took hold.

Although the set filmed was in London, there is plenty of footage of the Edinburgh gig, including a few seconds of my hideous self, chatting to Mr Wolstenholme after the gig. My wife says that I am a sad groupie! I like to think that I have at last began to embrace the infamy I deserve.

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Lins Honeyman said...

You may be a groupie but you look like a roadie. ;-)