Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's getting really cold out

It's nice and warm in here though, although I've noticed the chairs have begun their annual migration to the fireside.


doonhamer geordie said...

I think we've a week or so to go until it gets cold enough to light the fire down on Tyneside... obviously it's colder on the banks of the silvery Tay!

Orchid said...

I live in Texas..I wouldn't know even the F of Fireside, :(

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Orchid,

you gave me a laugh there! As of last week, I was still in a tee-shirt :/ Although the high desert will get some fireside time, and maybe a hint of snow...meanwhile...I'm waiting very impatiently, and have the wood stack and ready to go!!!!

nice photo, HM